Bitter & Pour Officially Launches “The Colon Blow” Cocktail in Partnership with Renowned Clinic

Rochester, MN: Today, Bitter & Pour, home of the cage-free cocktail, officially agreed to a one-year contract with a renowned GI clinic to provide colonoscopy preparation services for patients arriving in Rochester, MN. The new cocktail, “The Colon Blow”, is a natural alternative to traditional bowel clearing liquids like MoviPrep or GoLytely.

Bitter & Pour owner and General Manager, Andrew Ferguson, commented “at only 8 ounces, our drink is a game-changer, and it’s going to revolutionize the prep industry. While it’s primary ingredient is secret, it does contain bourbon, chocolate bitters, and Miralax.” Andrew added, “most people are not going to be able to make it to our restrooms in time, and we are OK with that.”

According to Rochester native, Carl Underhill, “The Colon Blow provided me with the explosive results that I required. It was incredibly quick and the flatulence is minimal. It worked so well, I’m considering scheduling additional colonoscopies just to have access to this amazing product. “

There are over 19 million colonoscopies performed in the United States annually. A doctor typically recommends a colonoscopy to evaluate the colon for cancer, identify areas of bleeding , or diagnose other gut-related disorders. Before the procedure, a doctor will prescribe a colonoscopy preparation or prep.

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